Suits – Donna – Review: “Disgusting”

So… this was a thing. And it was an utterly abhorrent thing. And I’m going to talk about it with you all. If I had to suffer through it, it’s only fair that I take you all down with me. We’re all in this together, right? Brace yourselves for probable profanity.

I was no fan of this show in its sixth season. It felt tired and the lack of character growth was very clearly evident throughout. And yet, after just 10 episodes, this half season had made that entire season look like Season 3 of Rick and Morty. I went on record publicly expressing my rage towards this season’s premiere, and it seemed to get more dull from that episode on. But this mid-season finale was easily the worst thing this show has ever done. And this show has done PLENTY of deplorable things. Let’s get into the nitty gritty.

I have to start with the Darvey of it all because it made me sick to my stomach. To preface this, I have to address how problematic and unstable this dynamic really is as anything more than the platonic beauty it used to be in Season 1. They reduced Donna’s character down to so little that every single one of her plots each season after the first was her being a love interest or surrounding herself with Harvey. And as this season brutally showed us, she loves him. I could end this entire thing by saying Harvey doesn’t love her back (and the show should end there too) but I won’t. She is in love with him. They recycle plots to show us this. They strip away anything even remotely interesting or inspiring about her character to show us this. And yet she has legions of female fans who follow her lead, apparently? Yeesh. That is not promising for mankind. You’re telling me there are people out there who encourage relationships with histories of infidelity to stay together, manipulate your boss into divulging is biggest secret (that he is going to therapy), use said therapy as an excuse to derive things from him, speak for everyone (I mean this, she repeats what people have just said and she sounds so proud of herself for doing so, then she plants information in people’s heads and forces them to feel things the way that she wants them too. This is important for later on), and basically insert yourself into any conversation you want because you’re Donna, and you know everything. The only thing you don’t know is when to shut up and know your goddamn place. Clearly she’s some kind of mind-controlling demon. Aaron Korsh really knows how to write for women.

Back to the Darvey of it all, this season has finally shown Harvey to be in a stable relationship. One that was obviously destined to fail, since it was not only gross but also had to compete with Donna’s spells. It has become a theme of this show to have Harvey literally fucking say that he’s not interested in Donna like that. But no one is satisfied with this, because it’s a hetero ship and it brings in viewers and also Korsh openly admitted to catering directly to them. More than that, though, people who root for Darvey make gifsets for them, but even in their own damn gifsets there’s proof about just how unhealthy their relationship really is. She manipulates him to no end. And it all came to a head when she literally forced herself on him because she “just had to know”. The hypocrisy is strong with these ones. Darvey fans were readying the pitchforks when Donna considered sleeping with her now married ex-boyfriend, Mark. But none of them are batting an eye now when she kissed Harvey, a man who continues to reject her, and who is in a committed relationship, which she knows about. There’s so much wrong with this. I’m not even mentioning my own shipping bias here, but there is so much wrong with the way this show thinks it is portraying healthy relationships. In this own damn episode we were reminded that Donna is the reason Mike stayed with Rachel after she cheated on him with Logan Sanders. They even mentioned Logan by name! Funny how this show only remembers continuity points when it’s for bullshit like this. The most disturbing thing about this entire ordeal is how they used Mike to prop Donna and the eventual Darvey up. Mike, the man who has also been in a cheating situation in the past. The man who knows about Harvey’s issues with infidelity. When he brought up his own cheating to Harvey he was scared, he knew how it would affect him. And yet here he is to encourage Donna to go after Harvey, who is in a relationship. Does ANY of this add up to you? Didn’t think so.

NUP_179461_0603_595_Mini Logo TV white - Gallery

I know I’ve mainly been focusing on this, but you can’t fault me since this took up a huge bulk of this season. Alex showed up a bit to do whatever the fuck with that guy I can’t even remember his name. He was cute with Louis. Fine, whatever. I could mention Louis’s baiting speech right before The Deed happened but I don’t blame him for that. I do blame him for also being in a cheating storyline. Sooner or later everyone we have ever seen on the show will have one big orgy which will mean they’ve all cheated on someone by association. This is how the show will end. But look – I’m not saying that Darvey couldn’t have been good. I used to ship them myself (when I was a poor misinformed soul). It’s so fucking obvious that they are gonna be the endgame ship here (and Marvey will continue to be the best relationship only explored properly in fanfics). And yet, they chose just about the worst way to go about introducing them. They slept together once many years ago. Fine. Harvey hated the sex. Better. Donna won’t move on. Ugh. Harvey tells her he loves her, platonically. We’re supposed to be fed up with this. We’re supposed to want them to be forced together. We’re supposed to be fast forwarding through every other scene that doesn’t involve one of them. Yeah, fans really do that…because, hetero. That’s the only explanation I can come up with. This show inexplicably uses cheating as a crux to get people we’re supposed to want to be together, well, together. And yet the people who actually have genuine chemistry and would be much healthier and better as a couple? Why, they’re just friends, but of course! How could you be so stupid? Such damaging tropes and traits should not be a thing. It doesn’t really matter what show you are writing for. Don’t do this. Be better than this.

Okay, something else about the episode…oh, I know. Let’s talk about Jessica Pearson. By far the greatest female character on the show; pretty much the only one they didn’t manage to royally screw up. Let’s mention how Korsh wanted to kill her off, and after harsh warnings from Gina Torres (she mentioned that this made her feel sick. YOU MADE GINA TORRES SICK. No wonder she wanted to leave! Bless her!) Korsh relented. Or did he? He may not have killed her off literally, but it is revealed in some stupid plot that had like two seconds of screentime, that the antag. of the episode is getting her disbarred. And that means Specter and Litt have to take Pearson’s name off the wall. W-w-w-w-w-w-what? N-n-n-no??? You cannot fucking do that? Are you kidding me? Putting aside the fact that the one scene Harvey and Jessica shared here had more romantic feelings than every single Darvey scene combined, this is not something you can do, Korsh. No. Nope. I fucking refuse. This is not happening. Okay? Okay. Great. So, uh, what else happened in this crap fest? I can’t even remember. I really can’t. I live tweeted this episode myself, not even 24 hours have gone by, but I cannot recall anything else that happened. It was a bunch of boring melodrama. Oh YEAH, Robert Zane and his daughter had some nice scenes. They take on a discriminatory case. This would’ve been really great and would’ve been groundbreaking for this show but unfortunately there was no buildup to it and it was sandwiched between massive amounts of filth. Which is really a shame. Aside from Marvey finally happening, this is the plot with the most potential that they wasted the most. I think that’s literally all I care to remember about this outing. What a mess. Let’s wrap this up.

Season 7A of Suits is an experiment of what not to do if you are fortunate enough to have a show that goes on for this long. You don’t create one of the most interesting plots and then give it no screentime. You don’t openly admit to catering to a certain portion of your fandom and then completely alienate everyone else, ESPECIALLY when you have a big hiatus coming up and your show hasn’t been renewed yet. Last, but certainly not least, you don’t create a relationship like Donna and Harvey’s, or Mike and Rachel’s, or Louis and Sheila’s, or Louis and Tara’s, or Harvey and Paula’s, although that last one is shockingly the best one on this list, which is something I never thought I would be saying after they were introduced to us. Yes, a relationship between a therapist, who we didn’t see on screen for almost two seasons, and one of her patients, is one of the best and most healthy couples on the show. Holy fuck, that’s bad. And back to this episode – of course with an episode named “Donna” I was going to go into it thinking it was destined to be a disaster. But I gave it a shot anyway. And I was horrified at what I uncovered. I will not continue to watch this show anymore. I need to hold onto what little sanity I have left.

All photo credits to SpoilerTV.

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